A World of Humans

What makes human beings unique? You might hear things like, a large brain, bipedalism, neoteny, and our collective capabilities.

Following from this, I think it is our ability to express ourselves. We do this through art, science, math, history, comedy, music, technology and design. That is why I love any form of art, because it raises in my mind these questions reminding me that the childlike curiosity is alive and well. Which makes me love writing, because it helps me find answers. I have found that reading is a beautiful way to discover personal understanding with the author through resonance from words which carry special meaning and significance.

Recently I had the opportunity of visiting the National Museum of Humankind as well as the Bhimbetka rock shelters in Bhopal. It always amazes me to see and feel our history making me wonder what life was like then, was it simpler? Never have there ever been so many of us alive on earth, we are now living in a world surrounded by humans!

If there were an alien species observing our planet, I doubt they would call us an advanced society the way we like to. Rather, they would probably see an animal with the gift of life lacking the respect and empathy that defines their individuality, intent on causing self harm and large scale destruction.

The mind is the most beautiful place you can find, and the most powerful. This power to change lies within us, and it is here that we find love and happiness. Gaining independence from our fear, anger and arrogance is the education we receive from a personal journey – one that we are unable to impart to our children. If we teach them well, they might grow up to be socially conscious and aware.

We can begin by taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. By striving towards accountability, we may achieve justice rather than the daily outrage that we have.

Remember, that if you are decent then there is decency and if you are patient, then there is patience. With a vision as real as possible, expect to see your world change within.