What is Education

Good morning children.

Good Morning Teacher!

Do you know why you’re here?

Yes Teacher! To study Maths.

Yes, that is true. But do you know why you are here, today? Here – in this classroom, in this school?

*pin-drop silence*

What I mean is, why do you think your parents have sent you here? Let me try and explain that purpose to you.

When I look back at how I grew up, at different times I had different ideas about what the reason might be. And to be honest, when I first went to school as a little child, I really didn’t know why I had to be there at all! Once I got a little older, I thought that is what you had to do if you wanted your parents to get you things. Later, I felt it was to impress the teachers. Then, I thought it was just to get marks in exams. Nearer the end, making friends was the only point I saw to it. Eventually, getting a job was all that seemed to matter.

Today, it appears to be all of this combined, none of it at all, some of it, and maybe more than just this.

At the core of everything though, lies learning. That is what you are going to gain – they like to call it an education, but I prefer perspective.

You learn to questions things, the way they are. You discover new things, strange things, frightening things and delightful things. All this comes from your curiosity, which is naturally abundant and fuels this world with wonder and amazement. But you need to understand things – and you will – as you paint your own picture of the larger world around you, don’t remain limited by the narrow scope in front of you, but imagine a universe as limitless as the horizon that stretches over a sunset.

Above all, keep asking why? Not because I’m saying you must, but because when you look for an answer you will find the reason.