Simple Living ~ High Thinking

Self-realisation. Self-actualisation. All I know is that I don’t know.

Does this mean I don’t know myself, but how is that even possible, physically or otherwise? Nobody knows you better than you, and you better know that!

The judgements, impressions or thoughts and feelings that others have of you are just different manifestations of your truly multi-faceted personality which can be hard for one person to digest easily. Hence our fascinating life is spent in the discovery of our selves. And this is all internal, because that which is external is a mere reflection of what is inside you.

The words titled here, are part of a rich legacy of simple wisdom that my grandfather will leave me with. Now that I’m “grown up”, his truisms which seemed irrelevant when he imparted them to me, ring truer and truer as each day passes.

The natural path we all take in our journeys on this playground of life has much beauty, which we tend to miss while being caught up in our duty to the many demands of staying alive. But taking the time to stop, reflect, and maybe even smell the roses enrichens the mind, body and soul in ways so magical that we are left awestruck by the sheer miracle of our very existence which lies in this delicate balance between the ever present nothingness and the omnipotence of oneness.

Ideals, values and principles are what keep us steady in this pursuit of happiness which can get murky. Consider this the light in the dark of night that is the path we tread. Thoughts remain in our mind. That is where they are born. But they cannot die. Unlike you, they live on through the words and actions that come forth from their impulse.

Do not be bogged down by the expectations of such loftiness. Know that at the core, this is all that matters. The truth shall always triumph. Aim for the sky, but remain grounded in the knowledge of your own imperfection.

The simple life. The one we all dream of. The one that’s out there, almost within grasp as you reach for it with your outsretched arms of yearning. And then it’s over. Neither life nor the simplicity, but the extent of your efforts that pushed beyond what was possible for that must which carry on.

This is how I will remember my grandfather’s words. Much like my facourite poem by Rabindranath Tagore, ‘Where The Mind Is Without Fear’, a goal for mankind to collectively achieve for the self-satisfaction of ourselves, our children, their children and the race of species that survive on with us on this beautiful blue planet we lovingly call ‘Mother Earth’.

Until the day any of us are forced to move our home to ‘The Red Planet’, the everlasting striving shall continue. Not because of us, but because that is how things have been, are and always will be.

The reason for it all, is within you. Without which, you are not you, but just a speck of dust in a vast universe whose expanse is wide, complex and uncalculated by our as yet humble faculties.