The Most

Powerful Being Known to Mankind. But, why was He here?

Did any person living, dead or getting there, have any answers? It didn’t look like…

Until One Day – He found himself.

On The Path.
The one that we all take.
Leading to His

The all-knowing, all-powerful, always forever..self!

The same

That lives.
In you. Me. And
The entire Universe.

Of his Multi
Verses. A favourite one he chooses.

To Do
His Work.
Good, Bad, Dirty, Ugly.
But None
The Less. Holy.

Be Thy Name.
Be Thyne Way.
Done as it is in. His Vein.

The Holiest of Blues
Havens, Rhythms and Rhymes.

Made for his bidding. Until He
sleeps, only to wake again.
The monster, child-like goblet. Of Fire.

Chiding by his Mother.
Singing praises to her name. For it is.
She. The source.

of All. Good for us, none for Her.

As men once said:
Victory to The Mother!
For she lives
On in The King.

Long Live The King.
Victory to The Greatest
Mother there ever Was
Is, Will Be for